Moonpixels Tools

Use this generator to create custom scrollbar colors. This script works on IE 5.5 and above.

Need a color hex # number or name? You can check them out on this page.

Name/DownloadDescriptionOfficial Site
A Photoshop-compatible (also PSP) plugin with 55 image effects, freeware!

HTML Font Colorizer

You use this software to make html codes for colored documents like this example
Find the perfect combination of colours for your webpage - play with the colorlayout and when satisfied grab the CSS colorcode for your colordesign!

Useful links
Cooltext is an online graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you might need an impressive logo without a lot of work!

Dynamic Drive DHTML code library:
Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts (like changing linkcolors and moustrails)